Thermal Block Out & Blackout Curtains

Our blackout thermal curtains block out the majority of sunlight and UV rays thanks to their innovative triple layer technology. This is particularly helpful in preventing winter morning light entering your room and interrupting your sleep. They also have thermal and noise reducing qualities to keep your home nice and warm during the winter months. Additionally, they help to save energy in your home and also assist in lowering your bills due to their warmth!

As an added benefit, our blackout curtains are perfect for summertime by keeping your room nice and cool. Summer often brings the burden of late sunsets and early sunrises resulting in brighter rooms that may interfere with one’s sleep. However, another advantage of our blackout curtain range is their ability to prevent sunlight meaning you can have undisturbed rest.

Take a look at our collection of tie backs for a highly popular selection of curtain accessories. Tassel tiebacks are particularly favoured for heavier curtains such as our blackout range and are best suited to heavier fabric. Tie backs not only frame your curtains around the window during the day but look fabulous while doing so. They present the curtains in a beautiful manner and showcase the curtain’s design in a complimentary way.

Be sure to check out our cushion cover and duvet cover ranges also for a completed look for your home. By coordinating your curtains to the rest of the room you create a clean and polished effect. They say a tidy home is a tidy mind and an organised room can help you achieve exactly this.

Thermal Block Out & Blackout Curtains FAQs

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