Ready Made Curtains Measuring Guide

  Ordering your ready made curtains



Dressing your windows with a pair of curtains can be the finishing touch needed in your room and we have an extensive range of lined curtains available in both eyelet and pencil pleat headers. When choosing your curtains, you will need to bear in mind whether you have a curtain pole or a track above your window. Most new homes are fitted with curtain poles as they are easier to hang and change curtains on but many people still prefer the traditional style of curtain track.

When measuring your window, remember to measure from where your curtain pole or track is sitting to where you would like your curtains to reach. The sizes shown for our lined curtain pairs are per curtain panel so you will need to take this into account when you are ordering.



Step 1: Measure your window width. All our curtain descriptions have the measurements in both inches and centimetres so it does not matter which you measure them in. You should measure along your pole or track itself where the curtains will be hung and not just your window. Remember to include gather when you are choosing your curtain width as most people prefer at least double gather for their curtains rather than the curtains pulled tight straight across.

For example, if you measure your window and it is 150cm (59”) wide you be looking for curtains with a minimum width of 66” so you can get a nice full gather.

Step 2: Measure your window drop/length. This should be the length from the top of your window pole or track to where you would like the bottom of your curtains to sit. This can be to your window sill, half the way down your wall or to the floor. Most curtain designs come in standard drop sizes of 54”, 72”, 90” and 108” so you may have to round up to the nearest size.

For example, if you measure your drop and it is 147cm (58”) in length and you wanted your curtains to sit off the floor you would round this up to the 72” drop curtains. If you would prefer them to hang right to the floor then you would order a longer drop; 90” or 108” drop depending on your ceiling height.

Step 3: Order your curtains. Once you have decided on your design and measured your width and drop you are ready to order your curtains. All you need to do is select the size you need and add them to your basket.

For example, if your window measures 150cm wide and 147cm drop and you would like your curtains to sit off the floor, you would order a pair of curtains sized 66” x 72”.

Step 4: We pick and pack your order! We are a family run business so we pick and pack all your orders by hand up to 6 days a week with pickups from our couriers most days. We aim to dispatch all our orders within 24 hours, excluding weekends, and offer express delivery services on most items. Unfortunately we are unable to alter or change curtain sizes for you so if you have odd shaped windows you might need these professionally altered. If you have any issues while measuring your windows or would like some advice please get in touch and we can help!