Net Curtain Voile Panels


Net curtains are ideal for adding privacy whilst keeping your windows light and airy. Designed to sit inside a window frame, net curtains are elegant and graceful additions to your windows. They provide an element of privacy as they allow views from the inside out but not the other way around. This means that not only are the curtains beautiful but they are purposeful in adding an extra layer of privacy. This one-way curtain effect is ideal for sustaining the ability to look out with no one peering in without a heavy curtain being pulled over and blocking the natural sunlight. In this way, your house can remain bright while simultaneously blocking the wandering eyes of passersby.

Our net curtains are all pre-cut and come in a variety of widths and drops, so to order you simply need to measure the width of the space you need covered. You then multiply this by the gather you need (most often double but triple will give you extra privacy). Finally, you then order the size you require. This simple step-by-step method ensures that your net curtains fit snugly in your window frame for the perfect fit.

The net curtains in stock at Ideal come in a wide range of designs which creates an excellent selection. The multiple designs paired with the numerous sizes available results in almost limitless choices for your home. From floral patterned to simple stripes, Ideal offers net curtains to match your preferences.

Therefore, be sure to check out our broad range of net curtain products today!

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