Child Safety

Child Safety and Window Blinds

At Ideal, the safety of your children is our utmost priority. We understand the enthusiasm with which children explore their environment, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing window blinds that are in line with the latest safety standards. This page will guide you through everything you need to know about our commitment to child safety and how you can ensure your blinds are safely installed.

Legislation & Compliance

  • Safety First: All our blinds are designed and manufactured with child safety at the forefront. Each product undergoes thorough scrutiny to ensure it complies with the British safety standard EN13120.
  • Safety Devices: In accordance with UK law, our safety devices have undergone rigorous testing and are fully compliant. Blinds are either safe by design with no hanging cords or come equipped with necessary safety devices.
  • Always Compliant: Any blinds manufactured and sold post-February 2014 meet specific child safety requirements as per BS EN 13120.

Child Safety Features

Safety Made Simple:

  • Cordless Designs: Some blinds are designed without cords or chains, inherently making them child safe.
  • Child-safety Devices: For blinds with cords or chains, we provide child-safety devices to keep controls organised and inaccessible to children. This includes:
    • Breakaway tassels and consolidators that detach under strain but are simple to reconnect.
    • Cleats and hooks for cord controls to ensure they remain out of reach. For example, wood, fauxwood, free-hanging pleated, and Venetian blinds come with a cleat, while roller and Roman blinds include a safety hook.

Installation & Fitting:

  • It's mandatory to install the provided safety device in accordance with European regulations.
  • Fitting your safety device is simple; refer to the enclosed fitting instructions for guidance.

Child Safety Tips

Ensure that your blinds not only look great but are also safe:

  1. Positioning Furniture: Beds, cots, or any climbable furniture should never be placed near windows. This minimises the risk of children reaching any cords.
  2. Handling Cords: Avoid tying cord controls together. Consolidators or breakaway devices should not be taped or glued to prevent them from separating.
  3. Making Existing Blinds Safe: It’s easy to retrofit safety measures:
    • Chain-operated blinds require a safety hook for controls.
    • Cord-operated blinds need a cleat positioned 1.5 metres above the floor.

"Make It Safe" Campaign

Make it Safe

The British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA) launched the "Make it Safe" campaign to raise awareness about window blind safety. We fully support this initiative and echo its commitment to promoting safe environments for children.

Remember, child safety is a shared responsibility. While we pledge to provide products that prioritise safety, it's crucial that they are installed correctly and other safety precautions are observed in your home.

Thank you for trusting Ideal. For any further information or queries, please feel free to reach out to us.