Curtain Measuring Guide

How To Measure For Curtains


Measuring for your made to measure curtains is so easy. All you need are two measurements - the width and the drop. We will calculate the rest.

Please note, to obtain the most accurate measurements, we advise you to use a metal tape measure, since plastic and cloth tape measures are flexible and can stretch or bend which may result in inaccurate measurements and therefore not allowing your curtains to fit as well as they could.

If you require a single curtain panel please follow the same instructions and contact us directly as our made to measure curtains online are sold as pairs.

Tip: Your sizes should be entered in centimetres. We have a handy Inches to CM converter on each made to measure listing if you need help converting your sizes.

All curtains are made to a minimum of 100% fullness (double gather) with the exception of eyelet curtains which are made to a minimum of 80%. For example, the amount of fabric you receive will be approximately double the track/pole width for pencil pleat curtains.

Curtains are made to the nearest half width. Any curtains wider the 1 width will require a join.

Curtain Width

Eyelet Curtains

Simply measure the entire width of your pole between the finials or decorative ends. 

Pole Width Measurements

Pencil & Pinch Pleat Curtains

For curtain poles please measure your width the same way you would for Eyelet Curtains.

If you have a standard curtain track already in place - please measure the full width of the track.

Standard Track Width Measurement

For overlapping tracks, you would measure the full length of the track (A) and the length of the overlap (B) and add these together.

Overlapping Track Measurements

If you do not have a track or pole already in place - please measure the window recess and add 30cm = 12” (thus allowing for overhanging on either side).



Curtain Drop

First decide where you want your finished curtains to sit - for example - the same height as the window sill; or perhaps you would prefer to have them floor length?

We would recommend that you allow a small space at the bottom of your curtains so that they will not fray or get marked from dragging on the floor.

Eyelet Curtains

Measure from the top of the pole to where you want the curtains to finish.

Curtain Pole Drop Measurement

Pencil & Pinch Pleat Curtains (Using Track)

For this style of curtain, when using a track, measure from the top of the track to where you want your curtains to finish.

Curtain Track Drop Measurement


Pencil & Pinch Pleat Curtains (Using Curtain Pole Rings)

If you choose to hang your taped curtains on a pole - measure from the bottom of the ornamental ring to wherever you wish your curtains to finish.

Curtain Ring Drop Measurement

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