Net Curtains Measuring Guide

Ordering your net curtains

We have a wide range of net curtains in various drop sizes that are cut to your measurements from the bale. Our net curtains are sold by the metre but the drops are sorted in inches. When measuring your window remember to measure from where your net wire or rod is to where you want your net to reach. You will also need to decide how much gathering you would like for your curtains; double gather is the most common width but if you need more privacy then you can order more width.
Step 1: Measure your window width in metres. This width is then multiplied to give you the gather you require. Double (x 2) gather is the standard gathering but if you would like more privacy from your net then you can triple (x 3) this number.

For example, you measure your window and it is 2m wide you would order 4m for double gather or 6m for triple. The width must be rounded up to the nearest full metre as we are unable to sell half metres.

Step 2: Measure your window drop in inches. This should be the length from the top of your window to where you would like the bottom of your net to sit rounded to the nearest size we have.

For example, if you measure your drop and it is 47” in length you would round this up to 48”. If you measured a drop of 38” you would need to decide whether you wanted it slightly short (36” drop) or slightly longer (40” drop).

Step 3: Order your net curtain. Once you have decided on your design and measured your width and drop you are ready to order your net. All you need to do is select your drop size and you would change the ‘quantity’ to the number of full metres you need.

For example, if your window measures 2m wide and 54” drop and you would like double gather you would order quantity 4 of the 54” drop. If you have several windows all with the same drop you can add the total width you need to your basket and at checkout add a note to us in the ‘special instructions’ box with what widths you would like this cut up into and we can do that for you!

Step 4: We cut your net and dispatch it to you! All our nets are hand cut from the bale to your sizes so if you are unsure about any measurements get in touch and we can help you out. We try to give a slight excess of material in case you would like to get your nets hemmed or if you would like to trim the edges at all. We try to be as careful with the edges of your net as possible but if there are any issues with this please contact us and we can try resolve this. We aim to fulfil all our orders within 24 hours but sometimes the net curtains can take a day or so longer to dispatch to you.