Venetian Blind Measuring Guide

Venetian Blind Measuring Guide


Venetian blinds bring both versatility and elegance to any space. For an impeccable fit, use our straightforward guide to measure your windows step-by-step.

1. Tools You'll Need

  • Metal tape measure (for accuracy)
  • Pen and paper (for noting down measurements)

Pro Tip: Use the Right Tools: Always use a metal tape measure for accuracy. Fabric or plastic tape measures can stretch over time, leading to inaccurate measurements.

2. Decide Your Blind's Position

Before you start measuring, decide if you want your blinds:

  • Inside the window recess (Recess Fitting): The blind fits within the window opening.
  • Outside the window recess (Exact Fitting): The blind covers the window and overlaps onto the wall.

3. Measuring for Inside Recess Venetian Blinds (Recess Fit)

  • Width: Measure the width of the window recess in three places (top, middle, and bottom). Use the smallest measurement.
  • Drop: Measure the drop of the window recess in three places (left, middle, and right). Use the smallest measurement.

Pro Tip: Account for Obstructions: Ascertain that no impediments like window latches, tiles, or intricate trims will hinder the Venetian blind's functionality.

Pro Tip: Acknowledge the Depth: Venetian blinds, with their slats and mechanisms, necessitate a particular depth. If your window recess is less profound (below 70mm for Venetian blinds), you might ponder installing the blind externally to sidestep potential obstructions.

Note on Slat and Mechanism Size for Recess Venetian Blinds: When you procure a recess Venetian blind, understand that the slats' width will be marginally narrower, by approximately 10mm to 15mm, than the measurement you provide due to the mechanisms and brackets. This adjustment ensures the blind's seamless operation inside the window recess. Always bear this in mind when envisioning the final appearance post-installation.

4. Measuring for Outside Recess Venetian Blinds (Exact Fit)

  • Width: Decide on the overlap for the blind on each side of the window recess (a minimum of 7.5cm overlap on each side is recommended). Measure the overall width, including the overlap.
  • Drop: Decide on the overlap for the blind at the top and bottom (a minimum of 7.5cm overlap at the top is recommended). Measure the overall drop, including the overlap.

Pro Tip: Consider obstructions like radiators or window sills when deciding on the drop.

Pro Tip: Account for Overlaps: If fitting outside the recess, allow for an overlap on all sides to ensure maximum light blockage and privacy.

Double Check Your Measurements

Always measure twice to ensure accuracy. Remember, it's better to spend a little extra time measuring than to order the wrong size!

Pro Tip: Double Check: Always double check your measurements before ordering. It's better to spend a few extra minutes checking.

Note Down Your Measurements

Write down your measurements clearly and keep them handy. When ordering, specify whether your measurements are for inside or outside recess.

Pro Tip: Document Everything: Write down each measurement as you go, labelling them clearly. This will help avoid confusion when ordering.

5. Ordering Your Blinds

Ordering your custom Venetian blinds is seamless with the following straightforward steps:

  • Input Your Dimensions: Key in the precise measurements, always verifying for accuracy.
  • Specify Your Fitting Preference: Decide on your preferred fitting method – recess or exact.

Pro Tip: Always confirm you've chosen the correct unit of measurement, whether it's cm or inches. Note that cm is the default and is our favoured choice. Select judiciously to guarantee a flawless fit! the default and is our most popular choice. Make your selection carefully to ensure a perfect fit!