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Matteo Leaf Bath Mat Navy - Ideal

Matteo Leaf Bath Mat Navy

Matteo Leaf Bath Mat Grey - Ideal

Matteo Leaf Bath Mat Grey

Sandringham Bath Mat Blue - Ideal

Sandringham Bath Mat Blue

Armoni Bath Set Ochre

Armoni Bath Set Ochre

Semi Circle Braided Cotton Bath Mat Red Clay - Ideal
Matteo Leaf Bath Mat Khaki - Ideal

Matteo Leaf Bath Mat Khaki

Bobble Anti-Slip Cotton Bath Mat Green - Ideal

Bobble Bath Mat Green

Everybody Abstract Cotton Bath Mat Pecan - Ideal

Everybody Bath Mat Pecan

Our bath mats will catch every bit of water from the shower as well as coming in a wide range of styles and colours to match all decor.

They not only look great in your bathroom and are pleasing to the eye but by catching all of the excess water they save your tiles. Moreover, bath mats also have a safety aspect too and will save you from stepping out onto slippery wet puddles.

Some of our bath mats also have the option of a matching pedestal mat for those looking for extra comfort in their bathroom.

Here at Ideal, we offer various collections for specific types of towels and bath mats to help ease your discovery of the perfect towels for you.

Our towel bales & sets are an immensely popular collection as they can equip an entire bathroom with towels all in one go. Ranging from 2 piece sets to 6 piece sets, our towel bales give you a compilation of towels to best kit out your bathroom.

Check out our independent collections of bath sheets, bath towels, and hand towels for individual towels if you are only requiring one type of towel instead of a compiled collection.

Furthermore, take a look at our bath mat set collection for matching bath and pedestal mats for your bathroom. This is a great deal if you are looking for both the bath mat and the pedestal mat.

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