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Stripes 100% Cotton Towel Grey - Hand Towel - Ideal Textiles

Stripes 100% Cotton Towel Grey

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Java Stripe 100% Cotton Towel Navy - Ideal

Java Stripe 100% Cotton Towel Navy

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Our towels are cost-effective for families needing multiple sets for busy lives. Our hand towels measure at approximately 50cm x 85-90cm and are thick and fluffy for maximum comfort. Furthermore, they are fully machine washable meaning there is no fuss and no hassle when it comes to cleaning them. 

Here at Ideal we offer various collections for specific types of towels and bath mats to help ease your discovery of the perfect towels for you. 

Our towel bales & sets are an immensely popular collection as they can equip an entire bathroom with towels all in one go. Ranging from 2 piece sets to 6 piece sets, our towel bales give you a compilation of towels to best kit out your bathroom. 

Check out our independent collections of bath sheets and bath towels for individual towels if you are only requiring the one type of towel instead of a compiled collection. 

Furthermore, take a look at our bath mat set collection for matching bath and pedestal mats for your bathroom. Not only do your bath mats look great in your bathroom, but they help in preventing injury as you are not stepping out of the show onto a slippery floor. 

If you are looking for an individual bath mat or likewise a pedestal mat on its own, then check out our independent collections of bath mats and pedestal mats here.

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