The Benefits of 100% Cotton Sheets

A good night's sleep is essential for a clear mind and a productive day which cannot be achieved without bedding best suited for you. So why not guarantee yourself a restful night by using 100% cotton sheets available at Ideal Textiles where we have a vast range of cotton bedding in order to ensure comfort within your own home. 


Due to cotton being a soft and light material, this results in the fabric being breathable as it absorbs excess body heat inside of it and therefore keeps your body cool. However in winter this absorbed body heat creates an extra layer and in fact keeps you warm. As cotton is a pure material, it is naturally ventilated making it a suitable choice for bedding. 

Soft Material

Cotton is often used in reference to clouds and rightly so as cotton is an especially soft material which makes it very comfortable for bedding and it actually gets softer over time. It is particularly good if you have sensitive skin as it is gentle and is less likely to irritate your skin making it a fine choice for bedding.

Long Lasting

Cotton is a long lasting material meaning you will not have to replace it as frequently as you would if your bedding were made out of other materials. Please be aware that the first few times the sheets are washed they may shrink about 3% to 5%, however the durability of the material creates lasting luxury. 


A great advantage of cotton sheets is the wide range of colours available due to the ability to colour the material. At Ideal Textiles there is a spectacular selection of cotton beddings of all colours and sizes to ensure we have suitable options to fit your bedroom which are stylish and yet contain the comfort of the all cotton bedding.

Therefore, be sure to snatch some 100% cotton bedding on our website for a softer and more relaxing sleeping experience.