How To Create A Stylish Bed

We start and finish our day in the comforts of our own bed surrounded by pillows, cushions and a duvet, secure in our dream land. However during the day the bed is not in use, yet is always present, so why not take the opportunity to design this important aspect of your bedroom in a stylish and fashionable manner. There is a wide range of bedding and accessories to accompany it here at Ideal Textiles which is sure to suit your dream bed’s needs and contribute to the trendy atmosphere of your room. 

Duvet Covers

One of the key aspects to make a bed eye-catching is selecting the right duvet covers for you. There is a large selection of duvet covers to choose from on our website of different styles, colours and sizes to best suit your room’s aesthetic. For example there is this New England Polka Dot Stripe Navy & White Duvet Cover Set which gives a fresh and sophisticated look for your bed which has neutral colours and so does not clash with the rest of your room and instead seems to fit right in.

duvet cover


The sheet you lie on is important not only for your own personal comfort, but to compliment your selected duvet cover. For example this Cosy 100% Brushed Cotton Flannelette Fitted Sheets Pink set would work extremely well with a pink coloured duvet cover or even a floral patterned cover where the pink sheet would compliment the white duvet cover for a light, delicate and stylish bed. 

fitted sheets


Throws come in handy all year round. They can keep you warm in winter but are a stylish addition to your bed regardless of the weather. There is a selection of throws at Ideal Textiles however this Cuddly Silver Throw Blanket is known for its particularly soft texture which looks exceptionally stunning when accompanied with a white, silver or grey duvet cover to further enhance this cosy effect.



The final touch to make your personally styled bed fashionable and trendy is to decorate it with cushions with your choice of style, size and colours. There is a vast selection of cushions to choose from on our website so here is a small insight to one of the many available options for cushion covers. This Hessian Stag Countryside Watercolour Print Filled Cushion brings an air of grace and elegance in its wake and is suitable with many bedroom particular more traditionally styled ones. This filled cushion comes in two options for the pad, a polyester pad or a feather pad, and would be a great addition to your bed to make it even more fashionable. 

stag cushion