Perfect Fit, Perfect Style: Discover the Elegance of Made-to-Measure Curtains

Perfect Fit, Perfect Style: Discover the Elegance of Made-to-Measure Curtains

Adorning your windows is more than just hanging fabric; it's about setting the ambiance, reflecting your style, and sometimes, making a statement. 

Ideal offers a splendid array of made-to-measure curtains that promise not just a perfect fit, but also a touch of luxe elegance for every room.

Today, lets delve into the world of made to measure curtains.

What's the Fuss About Made to Measure Curtains?

Made to measure curtains are a treat for your windows. They're crafted to fit your windows' exact dimensions, ensuring a snug fit without those pesky gaps or drapes that hang too low.

Benefits Galore!

Precision is key: The primary allure of made to measure curtains is the precision. No more fidgeting with too-long drapes or too short ones that let in that unwanted sliver of light.

Customised elegance: Your window deserves to be dressed in the best, reflecting your style. And with customised curtains, you're in the driver's seat of design. From vibrant shades to muted tones, from geometric patterns to elegant florals – the world is your oyster.

Versatility: There is a range of curtains with eyelet or pencil pleat tops. Let's dive into that a bit!

  • Eyelet tops: Characterised by their silver rings at the header that allows your curtain pole to slip through easily. It gives your curtains a lovely, large pleated feel. Ideal for a modern touch!

  • Pencil pleat tops: These are traditional curtain headings which gather the fabric in tight, pencil-like pleats. These pleats exude a more classical, dense appearance, adding a touch of tradition to your space.

Lining options: This is where the magic happens. Depending on your needs, you can opt for:

  • Standard lining: The usual, ensuring your curtain hangs beautifully.

  • Thermal lining: Perfect for those chilly nights. This lining retains warmth, ensuring your room stays toasty.

  • Blackout lining: For those who enjoy a bit of a lie-in. This keeps your room perfectly dark, letting you snooze without the sun poking your eyes.

Get It Right with the Perfect Measurements

Okay, we've established that made to measure curtains are the bee's knees. But how do you ensure you get the measurement spot on? It's simple, with our curtain measuring guide.

This guide is crafted to make your measuring process as hassle-free as possible. Trust me; it's like having a tailor right in your room, ensuring every inch is accounted for!

Sample the Elegance Before Committing

We get it, purchasing made to measure can be a bit of a commitment. But guess what? We offer free fabric samples for each made to measure material. 

Before taking the plunge, request samples to see and feel how the fabric will complement your space.


Vinery Delft Made-to-Measure Curtains Review

Vinery Delft Made To Measure Curtains

Vinery Delft Made-to-Measure Curtains are an exquisite embodiment of artistic perfection and functionality.

The moment you lay eyes on them, the intricate leafy pattern, reminiscent of a vintage botanical sketchbook, captures your attention.

The 'delft' hue, a sophisticated shade of blue, harks back to old-world charm while being refreshingly modern.

Crafted with precision, each curtain falls gracefully, enhancing the aesthetics of any room it adorns.


  1. Classic Design: Timeless leafy patterns offer an enduring appeal.
  2. Mesmerising Colour: The delft blue hue is versatile, seamlessly blending with varied interiors.
  3. Flawless Tailoring: The made-to-measure approach guarantees an impeccable fit for any window size.

Specification Table:

Feature Details
Pattern Leafy
Colour Delft Blue
Lining Options Standard, Thermal, Blackout
Heading Options Eyelet

Izmir Terracotta Made-to-Measure Curtains Review

Izmir Terracotta Made To Measure Curtains

When you picture the essence of earthy warmth, the Izmir Terracotta Made-to-Measure Curtains come to mind.

The terracotta shade is a celebration of nature's most organic tones, offering a warmth reminiscent of sunsets or the rustic charm of earthenware.

The abstract design is a dance of imagination, a soft yet captivating interplay of patterns that feels both contemporary and classic.


  1. Nature-inspired Tones: Brings warmth and grounded energy to any room.
  2. Distinct Design: The abstract pattern ensures your décor stands out.
  3. Custom Fit: Made-to-measure ensures perfect alignment with your window dimensions.

Specification Table:

Feature Details
Pattern Abstract
Colour Terracotta
Lining Options Standard, Thermal, Blackout
Heading Options Pencil Pleat

Everglade Berry Made-to-Measure Curtains Review

Everglade Berry Made To Measure Curtains

Elegance and vivacity find a harmonious blend in the Everglade Berry Made-to-Measure Curtains.

These curtains captivate with their geometric pattern, making a contemporary statement.

The 'berry' hue, a delightful palette of purples and reds, adds a dash of vibrancy, making spaces come alive.


  1. Modern Elegance: The geometric design is both chic and refreshing.
  2. Vibrant Palette: The berry shade injects life into any décor.
  3. Precision Tailoring: The made-to-measure crafting ensures they hang just right.

Specification Table:

Feature Details
Pattern Geometric
Colour Berry
Lining Options Standard, Thermal, Blackout
Heading Options Pencil Pleat

Manhattan Wedgewood Made-to-Measure Curtains Review

Manhattan Wedgewood Made To Measure Curtains

Evoke a sense of sophisticated luxury with the Manhattan Wedgewood Made-to-Measure Curtains.

Reflecting the upscale Manhattan vibes, these curtains are an epitome of grace.

The wedgewood blue hue is calming, with a depth that conjures images of serene evenings.

A subtle texture dances across the fabric, adding dimension and a touch of refined elegance.


  1. Luxury Personified: The Manhattan range exudes opulence.
  2. Tranquil Tones: The wedgewood hue is soothing, perfect for creating a serene ambiance.
  3. Perfect Craftsmanship: Made-to-measure for that seamless, tailored look.

Specification Table:

Feature Details
Pattern Subtle Textured
Colour Wedgewood Blue
Lining Options Standard, Thermal, Blackout
Heading Options Eyelet



Therefore, made to measure curtains from Ideal Textiles are more than just drapes; they're a statement of your style, a reflection of your individuality.

Dress your windows with precision, flair, and a touch of elegance.

Remember, when it comes to curtains, the fit and style matter, and we've got you covered!