Style Sisters Velvet Stripe Bedspread

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Layer your room and add instant impact to any space with this luxurious lofty bedspread throw. Co-ordinating symmetrical stripes combine with the soft and cosy velvet base to create a subtle pattern with a cosy soft feel.

Gemma Lilly & Charlotte Reddington make up the Style Sisters. The style obsessed duo have a passion for fashion & interiors & are on a mission to help you live a stylish and organised life.

Product Details

  • Soft & comfortable feeling gentle on the skin for a relaxed sleep
  • Large size suitable for fully covering single, double & king size beds
  • Silky soft hand feel & filled for added warmth
  • 100% Polyester velvet
  • Measures 240cm x 260cm approx.
  • Machine washable
Additional Information

Style Sisters Velvet Stripe Bedspread

  • Sizes Available: One Size
  • Brand: Style Sisters
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Polyester
  • Style: Velvet
  • Product Benefits:

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Bedding Guide

Bedding Guide

With so many options it can be overwhelming choosing the right bedding for you. There are many different types of duvets, pillows and toppers to pick from and this is even before you select your sheets and duvet covers! Ideal Textiles want to make buying your bedding as simple as possible and for you to enjoy it for years to come.

Duvet covers are the face of your bed and are the visible aspect of bedding so it is important to select a design that you truly like and that looks fabulous in your room. However it is just as important, if not more so, about the type of duvet cover you choose also. From a choice of various thread counts, cotton blend or 100% cotton, there is an array of choices to be made and Ideal wants to provide you with everything you need to know about your quality of bedding to make the decision as simple as possible.

Duvet Covers

  • Understanding Thread Count.
    Thread count is the number of threads per square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count then the tighter the threads are woven in that fabric. From 120 to 1000 threads, we offer a wide variety of thread counts in our bedding to ensure you have the opportunity to receive your preferred count. Hotels typically prefer 250-500 thread count bedding for a softer and durable fabric that remains breathable so if you are looking to bring that hotel quality feel to your own home then a duvet cover within those thread counts would be ideal. Therefore, thread counts depend fully on your personal preference but, with the wide range of counts offered, there is a thread count suitable for everyone on our website.
  • The Fabrics We Offer.
    We offer a large selection of duvet covers with a mix of polycotton, 100% polyester, and 100% cotton fabric. Whether made from polyester, cotton, or a blend of both is up to you and your own taste in bedding. 100% polyester is extremely durable and is excellent for those on a budget for a long lasting duvet cover that will not fade or wrinkle over time. Polycotton blend bedding has a softer feel to the material and is also quite durable. Moreover polycotton bedding is very low maintenance when it comes to washing them as they can be used in a washing machine making the process of washing them as simple and hassle-free as possible. 100% cotton fabric is not only an incredibly soft fabric but also an extremely breathable one which is particularly helpful for those with allergies. 100% cotton bedding absorbs your excess body heat inside of it and therefore keeps your body cool. However in winter this absorbed body heat acts as an extra layer and keeps you warm. Moreover, it is a long lasting material which gets even softer every time you wash it. Although 100% cotton bedding is more expensive, you can see the benefits of the products and the durability of the material creates lasting luxury. 

Bed Sheets

    As with duvet covers, bed sheets are incredibly important for a good night’s sleep because the quality of the sheet you lie on is essential for maximum comfort. With the same choices and benefits as the duvet covers, bed sheets are key in making your bed feel fresh and clean with their crisp feel which will improve your quality of sleep.

    Duvets & Quilts

    There are two main types of duvets: hollowfibre filled quilts that are less expensive and more widely available, microfibre duvets that have the feel and warmth of a feather duvet but are hypoallergenic and traditional natural feather and down filled quilts which tend to be the most expensive but are unbeatable in terms of luxury. The best duvet for you depends on how much you are willing to pay, how warm you would like to be in bed and whether you have any allergies.

    • Hollowfibre duvets are generally the least expensive and are available in most supermarkets, department stores and online meaning they are ideal for those of us on a budget or looking for a temporary duvet. The synthetic filling in hollowfibre duvets mean they are among the lightest and easiest to care for as most hollowfibre duvets can be washed in a large drum washing machine. Hollowfibre duvets are ideal for children as they can be easily washed and they are non-allergenic and so less likely to cause an allergic reaction to sensitive skin and lungs. 
    • Microfibre duvets are filled with synthetic material and have the feel and warmth of a feather duvet, but are able to be washed at higher temperatures in order to kill dust mites and other allergens. Prices for microfibre quilts can be very reasonable for good quality products and go right up to top of the range items. Microfibre duvets are ideal for those of us wanting a warm, comfy and cosy sleep without breaking the bank.  
    • Natural feather and down quilts can be composed of a variety of different proportions of feather and down as well as distinct types of feathers. The weight and warmth will depend on the percentage of feathers and down in the duvet but these quilts tend to be heavier than other duvets and provide a better dispersion of heat due to their construction - meaning you will have a warm and cosy sleep every night! A decent quality duvet will last you for many years with owners keeping the same quilt on their bed for most their adult life! Unfortunately, due to the nature of the filling, allergy sufferers will not be able to have these quilts without experiencing adverse effects on their sleep.
    Understanding TOG Rating
    The TOG rating of a duvet is essentially how well it will keep heat in and insulate you while you sleep. Choosing your TOG rating is simple: the higher the TOG rating the warmer the duvet!
      • For Summer, we recommend our customers go for a lower TOG duvet, for example either a 4.5 TOG or a 7.0 TOG depending on your personal preferences, to keep you cool in bed.
      • For Winter and you need a heavier duvet, we would suggest going for a 10.5 TOG or 13.5 TOG quilt to keep you nice and cosy. The filling of a duvet can also change the overall warmth, with the natural feather quilts being the most luxurious and warm.
      • For All Seasons we offer some duvets which are called full season, composing of a lighter 4.5 TOG and a warmer 9.0 TOG duvet that clip together or come apart depending on your needs. 


      The perfect pillow for you largely depends on personal preference: if you like the feeling of your bed enveloping you while you sleep, a softer pillow might be more agreeable, but if you like a harder and more upright place to rest your head then you will need to find a firmer pillow. Lying on incorrect mattresses and pillows for your body can cause pain and injury, so finding the right pillow for you is essential.

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