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With so many options it can be overwhelming choosing the right bedding for you. There are many different types of duvets, pillows and toppers for your mattress and that is before you have to choose your sheets and duvet covers! Ideal Textiles want to make buying your bedding as simple as possible and for you to enjoy it for years to come.

There are two main types of duvets: hollowfibre filled quilts that are less expensive and more widely available, microfibre duvets that have the feel and warmth of a feather duvet but are hypoallergenic and traditional natural feather and down filled quilts which tend to be the most expensive but are unbeatable in terms of luxury. The best duvet for you depends on how much you are willing to pay, how warm you would like to be in bed and whether you have any allergies.

Hollowfibre duvets are generally the least expensive and are available in most supermarkets, department stores and online meaning they are ideal for those of us on a budget or looking for a temporary duvet. The synthetic filling in hollowfibre duvets mean they are among the lightest and easiest to care for as most hollowfibre duvets can be washed in a large drum washing machine. Hollowfibre duvets are ideal for children as they can be easily washed and they are nonoallergenic and so less likely to cause an allergic reaction to sensitive skin and lungs. 

Microfibre duvets are filled with synthetic material and have the feel and warmth of a feather duvet, but are able to be washed at higher temperatures in order to kill dust mites and other allergens. Prices for microfibre quilts can be very reasonable for good quality products and go right up to top of the range items from luxury companies such as The Fine Bedding Company. Microfibre duvets are ideal for those of us wanting a warm, comfy and cosy sleep without breaking the bank.  

The traditional natural feather and down quilts can be composed of a variety of different proportions of feather and down as well as distinct types of feathers. The weight and warmth will depend on the percentage of feathers and down in the duvet but these quilts tend to be heavier than other duvets and provide a better dispersion of heat due to their construction - meaning you will have a warm and cosy sleep every night! A decent quality duvet will last you for many years with owners keeping the same quilt on their bed for most their adult life! Unfortunately, due to the nature of the filling, allergy sufferers will not be able to have these quilts without experiencing adverse effects on their sleep.

The TOG rating of a duvet is essentially how well it will keep heat in and insulate you while you sleep. Choosing your TOG rating is simple: the higher the TOG rating the warmer the duvet!

In the Summer, we recommend our customers go for a lower TOG duvet, for example either a 4.5 TOG or a 7.0 TOG depending on your personal preferences, to keep you cool in bed. When it gets colder in the Winter and you need a heavier duvet, we would suggest going for a 10.5 TOG or 13.5 TOG quilt to keep you nice and cosy. The filling of a duvet can also change the overall warmth, with the natural feather quilts being the most luxurious and warm. We also offer some duvets which are called full season, composing of a lighter 4.5 TOG and a warmer 9.0 TOG duvet that clip together or come apart depending on your needs. 

The perfect pillow for you largely depends on personal preference: if you like the feeling of your bed enveloping you while you sleep, a softer pillow might be more agreeable, but if you like a harder and more upright place to rest your head then you will need to find a firmer pillow. Lying on incorrect mattresses and pillows for your body can cause pain and injury, so finding the right pillow for you is essential.

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