Sofa and Chair Protector Covers

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Our sofa and chair covers are a wonderful way to add a new touch to an older piece of furniture. The sleek design not only looks fabulous but is also cosy due to the quilted material ensuring maximum comfort.

The sofa and chair covers are effective in protecting your sofa from damage from your pet. This provides you and your beloved pet a snug place to cuddle without worrying about the impact on your sofa. They prevent fur from decorating your sofa or chair as well as any scratches also. They are hard wearing, meaning they are durable and will continue to be effective even if they are used regularly.

Additionally, they can be used simply just to protect your couch from everyday wear and tear. Whether it be from children or just general usage, these protectors are excellent for maintaining your couch in its original condition and keeping it as good as new. Moreover the protector covers are easy to install meaning they are no hassle and no fuss.

While you are adding your new sofa protector to your home, why not consider some of our top of the range eyelet curtains. With your sofa being protected it is a great idea to liven up your curtains also to have your living room look as incredible as it can. From plain to patterned and more, there is sure to be the perfect pair for your home.