Oven Gloves & Mitts

Pro Chef Double Oven Glove

Pro Chef Double Oven Glove


Save your fingers and hands from being burnt with our amazing oven gloves. These are just what you need to take trays out of the oven. Our selection of oven gloves will be sure to suit any kitchen décor. With a choice of single, double or even micro mitts, there is a design for everyone!

Our animal designs are our most popular selling as they are funky and add a splash of colour to the kitchen. We also offer a variety of floral oven gloves which look gorgeous in homes.

Our handy oven gloves make it easy to produce delicious treats and meals without exposing your skin to dangerous surfaces.

Made from high-quality materials, our resilient oven gloves will protect your hands for years to come.

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home so ensure a well-equipped kitchen as well as a stylish one with Ideal’s selection of kitchen products.

Check out our tea towels collection for a wide range of products with a variety of colours, patterns, and designs. Several of our tea towels match some of our oven gloves if you are looking for a coordinated look in your kitchen and want matching products.

Our serveware and kitchen accessories also offer matching products to our oven gloves. From serving trays to roll-up shopping bags, mugs to tote bags, our kitchen accessory collection contains several products that would make the perfect addition to your home.

Furthermore, our selection of kitchen curtains work excellently with most homes with their gentle and delicate look. Kitchen curtains create a finished and complete look to your kitchen and look incredible while doing so. Available in several different sizes and a variety of colours, these curtains are ideal for your home.

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