Top Picks From Our Wickedly Wonderful Halloween Collection

Top Picks From Our Wickedly Wonderful Halloween Collection

Halloween – that enchanting time of the year when the line between the ordinary and the extraordinary becomes magically blurred.

If you're searching for the perfect pieces to bring the spirit of Halloween into every room of your house, look no further than our wickedly wonderful Halloween Collection.

A Hauntingly Wide Range

Our selection isn't just about the overtly creepy and crawly. Dive deep into our Halloween collection and discover an array of products tailored for every preference, from the hauntingly bold to the subtly spooky.

Sublime Sleep with Duvet Covers & Cushion Covers

Fancy drifting off to dreamland amidst Halloween-inspired designs? Our duvet covers and cushion covers are just the ticket. And if you think that Halloween-themed beddings are all about witches and ghostly figures, think again. We offer designs that provide a gentle nod to the festivities, ensuring you enjoy a stylish, understated decor.

Throws & Curtains: Setting the Spooky Mood

A well-placed throw or curtain can transform a room. With designs ranging from outright eerie to delicately festive, our throws and curtains promise to add the perfect touch to your living or bedroom.

Towels, Bath Mats & Rugs: A Hint of Halloween

Even the bathroom can partake in the Halloween festivities! Imagine stepping out of the shower onto a Halloween-themed bath mat or drying your hands with a subtly designed Halloween towel. It's these small touches that can make all the difference, ensuring the theme permeates your living space in a tasteful manner.

Home Decor: From Bold to Understated

For those who love to go all out, we have home decor items that scream (sometimes quite literally!) Halloween. But for those who prefer their festivities with a touch of subtlety, our range includes items with a more understated Halloween design. These pieces are so elegant, in fact, that you might just find yourself using them all year round!

An Elegant Halloween Aesthetic

Not everyone wants a house full of ghoulish delights during October. Some prefer a more refined celebration. And that’s the beauty of our collection. You have the option to go for pieces that, while undoubtedly festive, offer a more subtle nod to Halloween.

Imagine a cushion cover in deep, autumnal colours, or a throw that reminds you of a moonlit night without a single flying witch. These designs give your home that special Halloween touch without overwhelming the senses.

Moreover, such versatile pieces easily blend with other decor elements, making them suitable for year-round use.


Thick Textured Coir PVC Backed Doormat

Thick Textured Coir PVC Backed Doormat

There's a particular charm in simplicity, and the Thick Textured Coir PVC Backed Doormat from Ideal Textiles exudes that charm with aplomb.

First impressions matter, and this doormat ensures your home's entrance is both welcoming and tidy.

Crafted from natural coir fibres, the mat is both robust and durable, adeptly capturing dirt and moisture from footwear.

The textured design not only offers a tactile feel but also an aesthetic appeal that subtly complements any home decor.

What amplifies its functionality is the PVC backing, which ensures the mat remains firmly in place even during the rainiest British days.


  • Natural coir fibres make it environmentally friendly.
  • Textured design ensures effective dirt capture.
  • PVC backing ensures slip resistance.
  • Neutral design to fit any home decor.

Specification Table:

Specification Details
Material Natural coir with PVC backing
Dimensions Various
Design Textured
Starting Price £11.95

Halloween Haunted House Eyelet Curtain Panel

Halloween Haunted House Eyelet Curtain Panel

Just in time for the spookiest season, the Halloween Haunted House Eyelet Curtain Panel is a perfect blend of elegance and eeriness.

Whether you're hosting a Halloween soiree or simply want to bring the spirit of October into your living room, these curtains fit the bill.

Crafted with detailed haunted house prints and intricacies that capture the spirit of Halloween, these curtains also ensure privacy and a hint of darkness for a mysterious ambiance.

The eyelet design ensures easy hanging and gives the curtain a polished appearance.


  • Detailed Halloween-centric design.
  • Eyelet design for effortless hanging.
  • Perfect for setting the Halloween mood.
  • Ensures privacy.

Specification Table:

Specification Details
Material Polyester
Design Haunted house
Hanging Mechanism Eyelet
Starting Price £15.95

Mangata Pleated Velvet Black Feather Filled Cushion

Mangata Pleated Velvet Black Feather Filled Cushion

Elegance meets comfort in the Mangata Pleated Velvet Black Feather Filled Cushion.

A treat for both the eyes and touch, this cushion promises a luxurious feel.

The deep black pleated velvet offers an opulent texture, while the feather fill guarantees ultimate comfort.

It's an impeccable accessory for any sofa or bed, blending seamlessly with various decors while adding a touch of sophistication.


  • Soft, luxurious velvet texture.
  • Feather fill ensures maximum comfort.
  • Versatile design complements various home decors.

Specification Table:

Specification Details
Material Velvet with feather fill
Colour Black
Design Pleated
Starting Price £25.95

So Soft Microfibre Tarot Halloween Duvet Cover Set

So Soft Tarot Duvet Cover Set

Add an air of mystique to your bedroom with the So Soft Microfibre Tarot Halloween Duvet Cover Set.

Perfect for the spiritual and the Halloween enthusiasts alike, this set boasts intricate tarot card designs.

Crafted from soft microfibre, it promises a restful night's sleep while ensuring your bed looks inviting and in tune with the season.

The detailed prints are both captivating and thought-provoking, ensuring your bedroom isn't just comfortable, but also conversation-starting.


  • Soft microfibre ensures comfort.
  • Unique tarot card design.
  • Perfect for Halloween or spiritual decor themes.

Specification Table:

Specification Details
Material Polyester
Design Tarot Card Print
Includes Duvet cover and pillowcases
Starting Price £8.95


Your Perfect Halloween Awaits

Whether you want your home screaming Halloween from every corner or you're looking for a hint of the festivities with a more chic, subtle touch, our Wickedly Wonderful Halloween Collection caters to all.

Visit our Halloween collection today and deck your halls (and bedrooms, and bathrooms!) in the best the season has to offer. Happy decorating! 🎃