Made To Measure Roller Blind Trends to Watch Out For In 2024

Made To Measure Roller Blind Trends to Watch Out For In 2024

The interior design world is abuzz with the undeniable rise of made to measure roller blinds.

This burgeoning trend of 2023 shows no sign of slowing down as we approach 2024. If you're aiming to be at the forefront of home décor and looking to upgrade your window treatments, this is a bandwagon you certainly want to jump on.

Let's delve into the most anticipated roller blind trends for 2024.

Day and Night Blinds: A Revolution in Versatility

First on the list, and arguably the most innovative, are the day and night blinds. These blinds are more than just a trendy accessory; they are a testament to functionality meeting style.

For those who haven't had the pleasure of encountering these, they are ingeniously crafted with dual layers of fabric. Each layer boasts alternating transparent and opaque bands.

As you roll them up or down, these bands move past one another, offering unparalleled control over light penetration.

The true genius of these blinds lies in their versatility. Seeking a room awash with sunlight? Or perhaps an intimate setting shielded from the world outside? With day and night blinds, you can seamlessly transition between the two. In essence, they present a dynamic solution for modern homes, bridging the gap between light control and privacy.

Take a moment to explore our range of day and night roller blinds in our ready made roller blind collection. 

Embracing Modern Patterns: A Canvas of Expression

2024 will witness roller blinds transform into canvases that narrate tales of individualistic style.

The surge in popularity of modern patterns is paving the way for homeowners to ditch the drab and embrace the dynamic. We're talking sophisticated geometrics, abstract splashes, and patterns that tell stories.

But fret not! This trend is all-inclusive. Whether you're a minimalist seeking the muted charm of plain roller blinds or someone with a penchant for the vivacious vibe of floral roller blinds, there's something in store for every aesthetic palate.

Bold Patterns: Expressing Individuality Through Design

As we usher in 2024, the roller blinds industry is set to experience a transformative shift in design preferences.

Gone are the days when blinds were simply window coverings that offered privacy. Today, they are canvases waiting to be filled with expressions of personal style.

The emerging trend leans heavily towards bold patterns that echo individual personalities. From intricate geometrics that depict modern urban life to abstract designs that resonate with the free spirit, the patterns speak volumes.

Roller blinds adorned with sweeping strokes, audacious splashes, and even symbolic motifs will serve as conversation starters, proving that homeowners are no longer shying away from making a statement.

Whether it's the captivating look of geometric designs or the riotous burst of floral roller blinds, there's a pattern out there that's just waiting to mirror your persona.

Vibrant Colours: Breathing Life into Spaces

If patterns are the soul of roller blinds in 2024, then colour is undoubtedly their heartbeat.

The year is anticipated to witness an explosion of vibrant hues in the roller blind spectrum. Homeowners are steadily gravitating towards bold choices, letting their windows do the talking.

Imagine roller blinds that shimmer in fiery reds, exude calm in deep blues, or even captivate with emerald greens. These aren't just blinds; they're mood setters, influencing the ambiance of a room.

What's more, the industry is complementing this vibrancy with functionality. For instance, blackout roller blinds will not only be about blocking out light but will also serve as vivid colour palettes, making them both utilitarian and stylish.

In essence, 2024 promises a roller blind landscape where colours reign supreme, bringing rooms to life with their dynamic presence.

Made to Measure: The Personal Touch

While the previous trends emphasised design, this one is all about customisation and personalisation. Made to measure roller blinds are not just about getting the right length and width; they symbolise a homeowner's unique touch.

These blinds are tailored to fit exact window dimensions, ensuring there are no ungainly gaps or overlaps.

This attention to detail ensures that not only do these blinds look impeccable, but they also function optimally. For instance, the snug fit provides enhanced thermal insulation, proving advantageous in both summers and winters.

Countless Benefits Await

Besides keeping up with trends, opting for made to measure roller blinds comes with a slew of benefits:

  1. Precision Fit: Tailored to your specifications, these blinds promise a flawless fit, every time.
  2. Unbridled Personalisation: With myriad styles, patterns, and hues, the world is your oyster.
  3. Optimal Insulation: Their bespoke fit ensures rooms remain cosy in winter and refreshingly cool during summer months.
  4. Privacy Par Excellence: Designs such as the day and night blinds offer unparalleled privacy levels.
  5. Sample Before Committing: To ensure your chosen fabric complements your interiors, requesting free fabric samples before making a purchase is always a prudent move.

And before you dive into this exciting world of custom blinds, don't forget to measure your windows right. The roller blind measuring guide offers invaluable insights into getting it perfect. The measuring guide ensures you get a perfectly snug fit without any hassle or stress.


Zebra Day & Night Roller Blind in Cream

Zebra Day & Night Roller Blind Cream

The Zebra Day & Night Roller Blind in Cream is an epitome of sophistication merged with functionality.

Crafted with alternating transparent and opaque bands, this roller blind lets homeowners navigate between varying degrees of light penetration with ease.

Its cream hue emanates a sense of tranquillity, seamlessly fitting into most interior designs.

The dual-layer fabric offers a blend of privacy and luminosity, ensuring that your room can switch between being a serene haven during the day and a cosy, private space by night.


  • Versatile light control
  • Neutral colour suitable for most interiors
  • Dual-layer design enhances insulation

Specification Table:

Feature Description
Type Ready Made Day & Night
Colour Cream
Light Control Adjustable (Day to Night)
Insulation Enhanced due to dual layers

Hex Made to Measure Roller Blind in Dim Out Charcoal

Hex Made to Measure Roller Blind (Dim Out) Charcoal

Infusing a modern touch to spaces, the Hex Made to Measure Roller Blind in Dim Out Charcoal stands out with its geometric patterns.

The charcoal shade is not just about aesthetics; it promises to dim out excessive light, ensuring your spaces remain comfortably lit without being overwhelmingly bright.

Tailored to specific measurements, homeowners can anticipate a perfect fit, which not only enhances the appearance but also boosts the blind's efficacy in light control.


  • Contemporary geometric design
  • Customised fit
  • Effective dim out functionality

Specification Table:

Feature Description
Type Made to Measure
Colour Charcoal
Design Hexagonal Geometric
Light Control Dim Out

Harapana Made to Measure Roller Blind in Dim Out Jade

Harapana Made to Measure Roller Blind (Dim Out) Jade

The Harapana Made to Measure Roller Blind in Dim Out Jade is where artistry meets practicality.

Its striking jade hue combined with a subtly intricate pattern offers a refreshing touch to any space.

Beyond its visual appeal, this roller blind boasts a dim out feature, striking the right balance between natural light and privacy.

Custom-tailored to individual window measurements, it ensures an impeccable fit and heightened room aesthetics.


  • Distinctive jade hue with a refined pattern
  • Bespoke fitting
  • Superior dim out feature

Specification Table:

Feature Description
Type Made to Measure
Colour Jade
Design Floral
Light Control Dim Out

Bella Lipstick Blackout Made to Measure Roller Blind

Bella Lipstick Blackout Made to Measure Roller Blind

Bold and vivacious, the Bella Lipstick Blackout Made to Measure Roller Blind is for those who wish to make a statement.

Its rich lipstick shade is an immediate attention-grabber, turning windows into focal points.

Beyond its vibrant colour, the blackout feature promises a complete shield from external light, making it an ideal pick for bedrooms or any space requiring enhanced privacy.

With its made-to-measure offering, one can expect a snug fit that amplifies its efficiency and aesthetic appeal.


  • Eye-catching lipstick shade
  • Complete blackout functionality
  • Tailored to specific measurements

Specification Table:

Feature Description
Type Made to Measure
Colour Pink
Light Control Blackout
Design Solid with a silky finish



As 2024 looms on the horizon, the realm of roller blinds is poised to mesmerise with its amalgamation of style, innovation, and sheer functionality. Ensure your home is ready to bask in this delightful revolution!