Keep Warm in Your Outdoor Living Space with Our Cosy Throws

Keep Warm in Your Outdoor Living Space with Our Cosy Throws

Are you a BBQ enthusiast or perhaps a stargazing aficionado? Does the frosty air prematurely bring your late-night garden parties to an end? Well, we've got some good news: with our cosy throws, those nippy nights are no longer a concern.

No need to retreat indoors while winter is still holding sway. Why not venture out and enjoy the freshness that the outdoors offers, snugly wrapped in a warm throw from Ideal.

You're just a throw away from transforming your outdoor living space into a cosy retreat, and we're here to tell you how!

No More Running from the Cold: Embrace Outdoor Living with Throws

Outdoor living in the chilly season has its unique charms. Whether it's your love for BBQ nights or your passion for evenings by the campfire, a throw from Ideal ensures you enjoy these activities in comfort and warmth.

With our throws, you're not just adding another layer of warmth, but also style and versatility to your outdoor space.

You don't have to lock yourself away until summer shows its sunny face again. The outdoors awaits, ready to be conquered with a warm, cosy throw in your armoury.

Discover the Wide Range of Throws: Styles, Colours and More!

Choosing a throw isn't merely about seeking warmth. It's about expressing your style and adding that personal touch to your outdoor living space.

With our vast collection of throws, we guarantee you'll find one that speaks to your taste.

From soothing solids to eye-catching patterns, our throws come in a plethora of colours to match every mood and theme.

Whether you fancy a vibrant tartan or a soothing beige, we have it all. And let's not forget the tassels – that fringe benefit that adds a dash of fun to your cosy ensemble!

Throws are More Than Just Blankets

Throws from Ideal are not your average blankets. They're designed to add a touch of comfort, elegance, and style to your outdoor living experience.

Layer them over your garden chairs or drape them across your outdoor sofa for a homely effect that adds instant cosiness.

Whether you're sipping on a hot cuppa, engrossed in a thrilling novel, or simply enjoying a natter with your mates around a crackling fire, a throw is your best mate to keep the cold at bay.

Cosy Up Your Summer Living Collection

Your outdoor living collection deserves a winter update. Why should your outdoor space miss out on the fun of being decked up for the cold season?

Pair your throws with outdoor cushions and rugs, creating an inviting outdoor nook that's warm, welcoming, and wonderfully snug.


Herringbone Weave Tasselled 100% Recycled Cotton Ochre Throws

Herringbone Tasselled Recycled Cotton Throw Ochre (3)

Ah, the Herringbone Weave Tasselled Throw. This beauty comes in a vibrant ochre colour that can instantly light up your outdoor living space.

The classic herringbone weave adds a sophisticated charm, making it an absolute standout.

And what's more, it's crafted from 100% recycled cotton, making it an eco-friendly choice!

The throw feels luxuriously soft to the touch, providing the perfect cuddle partner during those chilly evenings.

The added tassels contribute a playful edge to its design while reinforcing the durability.

You'll find that this throw not only brings comfort but also adds a dash of style to your space.

Specification Description
Material 100% Recycled Cotton
Colour Ochre
Design Herringbone Weave with Tassels
Dimensions Available in multiple sizes
Price Starting from £19.99

Caliche Textured Tasselled Throw – Khaki

Caliche Textured Tasselled Throw Khaki

When it comes to the Caliche Textured Tasselled Throw, the magic is in the details.

It boasts a rich khaki colour that exudes an earthy vibe, evoking the feel of nature in your outdoor living space.

The textured design creates a multi-dimensional aesthetic that's visually appealing.

The throw, complete with tassels, has a sumptuous, plush feel that ensures maximum warmth and cosiness.

Moreover, it's impressively easy to maintain, requiring a simple machine wash to stay fresh and clean.

This throw pairs well with a variety of décor styles, making it a versatile choice.

Specification Description
Material 100% Cotton
Colour Khaki
Design Textured with Tassels
Dimensions 130cm x 180cm
Price Starting from £14.99

Honeycomb Waffle Tassel 100% Recycled Cotton Blush Pink Throws

Honeycomb Waffle Recycled Cotton Throw Blush Pink

The Honeycomb Waffle Tassel Throw in blush pink is a true sight to behold.

With its unique honeycomb waffle pattern, it brings an extra layer of texture and visual interest to your outdoor space.

The blush pink colour lends a sweet, romantic touch that's perfect for those intimate, starry nights.

Crafted from 100% recycled cotton, this throw has a wonderfully soft and comfortable feel. Plus, it's an environmentally friendly choice.

The tassels add a dash of fun, offering both a design accent and enhanced durability.

This throw combines practicality, style, and cosiness in one neat package.

Specification Description
Material 100% Recycled Cotton
Colour Blush Pink
Design Honeycomb Waffle with Tassels
Dimensions Available in multiple sizes
Price Starting from £19.99

Bexley 100% Recycled Cotton Throw - Navy

Bexley 100% Recycled Cotton Throw Navy

Last but not least, we have the Bexley 100% Recycled Cotton Throw in a dignified navy shade.

This throw features a simple yet elegant design, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of outdoor spaces.

Being made from 100% recycled cotton, it doesn't just bring warmth and comfort but also shows your commitment to sustainability.

The navy colour is deep, rich, and versatile, adding a touch of elegance to any décor.

With this throw, your outdoor gatherings will certainly be the epitome of cosy chic.

Specification Description
Material 100% Recycled Cotton
Colour Navy
Design Plain Weave
Dimensions 130cm x 180cm
Price Starting from £19.99


Throws Are Your Go-To Cosy Companion

So, don't let the cold curtail your outdoor fun. Browse through our wide range of throws and find the perfect one to cosy up your outdoor living space. Because with a throw from Ideal, autumn will become your new favourite time to bask in the outdoors.

There's an untamed beauty in the chill of autumn and winter, a calm in the rustling of dried leaves, and a warmth in the flicker of a firepit. Enjoy it all, wrapped in the cosy comfort of our throws.