How To Get A Better Sleep

One of the key ways to maximise productivity is to have a good night's sleep behind you. A good night’s sleep not only heightens the chances for productivity but it leaves you with a clear mind as you feel fully charged, rested, and ready to tackle a brand new day. However ensuring you have received enough sleep can be difficult for people with a never resting mind which can be entirely frustrating which is why we at Ideal Textiles want nothing more than to assist you with how to get a better sleep.

Candles / Sprays

By inhaling certain fragrances found in specially targeted candles or sprays for sleep, they help relax the mind and the body as well as guiding you into a peaceful slumber. The most common scents found to be effective are lavender and chamomile which are both sweet smelling and should also provide a pleasant aroma for your bedroom after they have been sprayed / lit. 

Turning Off Mobiles and Computers

In the modern age of technology, many of us have our own smartphones and computers which we check regularly, however the blue light streaming from the screens actually negatively impacts you at night as the bright glow tricks your brain into thinking it is daytime and therefore time to stay awake. If you are on your technical devices before you hope to go to bed then they are certain to stand in the way of this. Therefore, consider switching off your phones and laptops up to an hour before you plan to go to bed so ensure the greatest chance of a restful night sleeping. 

Fresh Air

Fresh air is essential for a good, deep sleep as it keeps the room crisp and cool allowing you to enter a relaxed state and therefore a better sleep. Another benefit of having fresh air circulating the room is that it makes your duvet all the more cosy and comfortable as it wraps you up in its warmth to make you feel cocooned in its soft and gentle arms. 

Black Out Curtains

Lights keep the brain awake and working, so why not give your mind a rest by treating yourself to black out curtains. At Ideal Textiles we have an excellent selection of black out curtains equipped to darken your room so early morning light won’t wake you up with the dawn. Consider these Blackout Tape Top Curtain Linings that Ideal Textiles have available online which will block out the light and allow you to sleep without being disturbed by unwanted light. 

black out curtain lining

Clean Bedding

One of the best ways to ensure a good night’s sleep is by providing clean bedding for your bedroom. This helps keep your bed feeling crisp, fresh, and comfortable to allow you to sleep peacefully. Ideal Textiles’ range of duvet covers are sure to suit your living space as well as being suitable for assisting with your sleep with their comfortable and clean properties. This Scatter Butterfly Reversible Heather Duvet Cover Set is one of many examples of our range of duvet covers which are breathable and suitable for a good night’s sleep. 

Scatter Butterfly Reversible Heather Duvet Cover Set