Embrace Autumn with Our Enchanting Outdoor Living Products

Embrace Autumn with Our Enchanting Outdoor Living Products

With the leaves turning golden and the air growing crisp, autumn ushers in a charm of its own. This doesn't mean, however, that the delights of your outdoor living space need to be packed away until the sun shines high in the sky again.

Au contraire, this is the perfect time to breathe new life into your open-air lounging area, creating a cosy space that you can relish, even in the cooler months.

Our range of outdoor living products, from seat pads and cushion covers to throws and blankets, is ideal for enhancing the comfort and appeal of your patio, garden, or yard during the autumn season.

Outdoor Living: Creating a Cosy Autumnal Oasis

Our outdoor living collection provides an exceptional blend of practicality and aesthetics, ensuring your al fresco area is an inviting sanctuary as the temperatures drop.

Embrace the charm of autumnal BBQs or host an enchanting moonlit campfire night. Our collection helps you maximise your outdoor living experience, encapsulating the essence of the season while keeping you warm and snug.

Beautiful and Practical Outdoor Cushion Covers

Adding colour, pattern and texture, our outdoor cushion covers are perfect for transforming your outdoor seating area.

These specially designed covers are not just pretty to look at, but they're also resistant to fading and weather damage.

With a variety of designs and colours to choose from, you can mix and match to create a unique outdoor space that complements the changing hues of autumn.

Enhance Comfort with Outdoor Seat Pads

Autumn doesn't mean bidding adieu to your beloved garden gatherings.

Our outdoor seat pads help you make the most of your outdoor space, offering a layer of comfort that makes it easy to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the season.

Available in a myriad of colours, our seat pads cater to various styles and preferences, making your patio or garden furniture as inviting as your indoor living room.

Throws and Blankets: The Essence of Cosy Autumn Evenings

A throw or a blanket isn't just a functional item to keep you warm on those cooler nights—it's a symbol of comfort, cosiness, and homeliness.

Whether you're hosting a backyard campfire or reading your favourite book under the starry sky, our throws and blankets add a warm and comforting layer.

Drape them over your outdoor furniture or wrap yourself up in their snug embrace, allowing you to extend your outdoor soirées into the late hours, unbothered by the chill in the air.


Bexley 100% Recycled Cotton Throw - Paprika

Bexley 100% Recycled Cotton Throw Paprika

This vibrant Bexley 100% Recycled Cotton Throw in the enticing shade of Paprika breathes new life into any room.

Its bold hue is paired with an elegant herringbone pattern, creating a visual aesthetic that is as pleasing as its soft, cosy texture.

The throw is generously sized (130 cm x 170 cm) to drape elegantly over a sofa, armchair or bed, adding warmth and comfort to your living or sleeping space.

The product stands out for its environmental friendliness, as it's made from 100% recycled cotton, affirming your commitment to a greener planet.

It's not just its eco-credentials that make this throw a must-have, though. The Paprika shade and classic herringbone pattern blend effortlessly with different decor styles, from modern minimalist to rustic chic.

One key advantage of this throw is its easy care. The colour and texture remain intact even after several washes, reflecting the throw's high quality and durability.


Specification Detail
Material 100% Recycled Cotton
Size 130 cm x 170 cm
Colour Paprika
Pattern Herringbone
Care Instructions Machine washable
Price £14.95

Meadowsweet Floral Water-Resistant Seat Pads Pair - Grey

Meadowsweet Floral Water Resistant Seat Pads Grey

This pair of Meadowsweet Floral Water-Resistant Seat Pads in a sophisticated grey hue is a brilliant addition to your outdoor living space.

Each pad measures 40 cm x 40 cm, making it an ideal size for most outdoor and indoor chairs.

These seat pads boast a lovely floral design, adding a splash of nature to your decor.

The grey colour adds a touch of elegance, while the water-resistant feature makes these pads perfect for the outdoors.

They're easy to clean too, requiring only a sponge wipe.

A unique feature of these seat pads is their plump filling, offering superior comfort and support.

Whether you're hosting a BBQ or simply enjoying the sunset from your patio, these seat pads add a cosy touch to your outdoor seating.


Specification Detail
Material Water-Resistant Fabric
Size 40 cm x 40 cm (each)
Colour Grey
Pattern Floral
Care Instructions Wipe clean only
Price £17.95

Dunes Brick Outdoor Cushion Cover 17 x 17

Dunes Brick Outdoor Cushion Cover

The Dunes Brick Outdoor Cushion Cover is a charming addition to your outdoor living collection.

Measuring 17 inches x 17 inches, this cushion cover features an appealing striped pattern in brick tones, perfectly echoing the colours of autumn.

Crafted with a durable and water-resistant material, the cushion cover stands up well to outdoor use, making it a practical and stylish choice for your patio or garden furniture.

Its unique, bold pattern is an excellent way to introduce an element of visual interest to your outdoor living space.

This cushion cover is easy to clean too—simply wipe clean. Its vibrant colours and texture remain beautiful wash after wash, attesting to its excellent quality.


Specification Detail
Material Water-Resistant Fabric
Size 17 inches x 17 inches
Colour Brick
Pattern Striped
Care Instructions Sponge clean only
Price £12.95

Boho Tassel Hand-Knotted Multicolour Throw 130cm x 180cm

Dunes Brick Outdoor Cushion Cover

This Boho Tassel Hand-Knotted Multicolour Throw is a statement piece that adds an eclectic touch to your decor.

With a size of 130 cm x 180 cm, it's perfect for draping over a sofa or bed, or for bundling up on cool evenings.

The hand-knotted design lends a unique texture to this throw, while the multicoloured pattern and tassel detail give it a bohemian charm.

This throw is not just visually appealing—it's also incredibly soft and comfortable, making it your go-to choice for cosy evenings at home.


Specification Detail
Material Hand-Knotted Fabric
Size 130 cm x 180 cm
Colour Multicolour
Pattern Bohemian
Care Instructions Hand clean only
Price £25.95


With autumn in full swing, now is the perfect time to upgrade your outdoor living experience.

Our versatile products not only inject a dose of seasonal style into your space but also provide the practicality needed for an enjoyable outdoor lifestyle.

Embrace the season, wrap yourself in comfort, and continue to make the most of your open-air sanctuary, all thanks to our splendid outdoor living products.

Your autumn evenings just got a whole lot cosier!