Voile Curtain Measuring Guide

How To Measure For Voile Curtains


Acquiring the dimensions for your custom-made voile curtains is quite straightforward. All that is required are two key measurements - the width of the curtain pole/track and the length of the curtain required. We'll handle the rest of the calculations.

We strongly recommend using a metal tape measure for the utmost accuracy in your measurements. Plastic and cloth tape measures, due to their flexibility, can potentially stretch or bend, leading to imprecise measurements. This could affect the fit of your curtains and compromise their appearance.

Quick tip: You can enter your sizes in either centimetres or inches. Make sure you have selected the correct size measurement before completing order.

Your voile curtain can either be made as one single curtain panel or as a pair.

Every curtain we create has at least a 100% fullness, or a double gather. This means that the fabric amount you receive will roughly be twice the width that you input into the calculator.

Step 1: Measure your window width in centimetres (CM) or inches. 

Step 2First decide where you want your finished curtains to sit - for example - the same height as the window sill; or perhaps you would prefer to have them floor length?
We would recommend that you allow a small space at the bottom of your curtains so that they will not fray or get marked from dragging on the floor.
Measure your window drop in centimetres (CM). This should be the length from the top of your window to where you would like the bottom of your net to sit.

Step 3:  Enter your sizes into the listing calculator and we will do the rest for you.