Polyester vs. Feather Cushion Pads

Cushions are an essential aspect of a couch or bed for a comfy and cosy home. They provide the opportunity to personalise your house in a stylish fashion which reflects your own individuality. While Ideal Textiles provides such a wide range of cushion covers to cope with all of your stylistic needs, we also give an option of cushion pads to accompany our top of the range, filled cushions. Our choice of polyester or feather cushion pads is an important one for which will work best for you and your home, so this guide will help inform you of the benefits and differences between both cushion pads. 



Polyester Cushion Pads

Polyester is very light meaning you can create a warm and cosy bed without having a heavy duvet. Polyester is also a synthetic material meaning that it is extremely beneficial to allergy sufferers as it is less likely to cause a reaction. They are also machine washable making them easy to keep fresh for your home and up to a good standard. Consider choosing a polyester cushion pad in this Jagger Herringbone Corduroy Pink Filled Cushion, for example, for a stylish addition to your bed or couch. 

Jagger Herringbone Corduroy Pink Filled Cushions 18'' x 18''



Feather Cushion Pads

Despite being of a higher price, feather cushion pads are well worth their money due to their many benefits such as their durability where they are extremely long lasting when cared for properly. Not only that, but the support they provide the user will remain making the item feel as good as new. Feather cushion pads are of a breathable nature resulting in a pad suitable for being with someone for an extended period of time without them feeling too stuffy or packed. This Hessian Hare Countryside Watercolour Print Filled Cushion is a stylish and adorable filled cushion destined for your home where you can choose the feather cushion pad option.

Hessian Hare Countryside Watercolour Print Filled Cushions 12'' x 20''