Cushions with Attitude

Check out our collection of cushion covers with an attitude that make a bold statement. Use these cushions to brighten any room in your home. Moreover, use these cushions to inject a sense of style into your home decor and make your home look fashionable and trendy.

Replacing your old cushion covers can be a cost-effective way of adding more colour to your living space. Simply by mixing and matching colours, patterns and textures you can bring the latest trends to your home. Moreover you can do all of this at just a fraction of the cost.

Our cushions with an attitude are striking designs that are sure to be the centre of attention in your home. These vibrant and pronounced covers are eye-catching and are perfect as a statement piece on your bed or couch.

Pair these vivid cushion covers with our selection of classic plain cushion covers. These two collections coordinate well together as the plain designs do not take the attention away from the cushions with attitude pieces but make your bed or couch look fuller without an overpowering amount of designs.

Take a look at our wide range of velvet and chenille made to measure curtains for a variety of options to pair with your cushions with an attitude. This creates a luxurious look in your home as the velvet and chenille materials provide a sense of opulence. Moreover, when paired with the cushions with an attitude collection, these curtains are incredibly trendy and modern making your home look very fashionable.

Need your cushion covers filled? We have you covered! We also sell the inner cushion pads if you wish to plump up those old cushions! Our cushion pads are made especially for ourselves and carry our Ideal Textiles logo. We have ensured a perfect mixture of firmness and bounce at a fantastic price.