Cosy Throws & Blankets

Welcome to our Cosy Throws & Blankets collection, a treasure trove of warmth and comfort ideal for the wintry days ahead. As you delve into this snug assortment, each throw and blanket unfolds a story of cosy evenings and warm mornings.

At the forefront is the patriotic “Union Jack Red Sherpa Fleece Throw,” a blend of warmth and national pride. Its Sherpa fleece is like a warm embrace on a cold morning, with the Union Jack design resonating the heartbeats of Britain. Close on its heels is the “Union Jack Black Sherpa Fleece Throw,” another nod to the British spirit, but with a modern, monochrome aesthetic.

Venturing further, the “Irwin Woodland Fleece Throw Rust” awaits to transport you to an autumnal forest. The rust-coloured woodland print is a whisper of nature, turning your living room into a serene woodland escape.

The festive assortment is a joy to explore. The “Winter Pines Festive Green Fleece Throw” is Christmas wrapped in a throw, with its green hue and pine design promising merry evenings. “Christmas Robins Fleece Throw Red” is akin to having little robins nestle by your side, bringing cheer with their red-breasted charm.

Each throw in the “Snowflake Festive Print” series is akin to having the first snowfall of winter right in your living room, with the soft fleece promising warmth amidst the cold.

The plush softness of the “Chiltern Super Soft Tasselled Throw Plum” is a luxury, with its tassels adding a touch of elegance, making it a perfect companion for a refined evening indoors.

“Santa’s Christmas Wonderland Fleece Throw Navy” and “Santa’s Christmas Presents Fleece Throw Red” are like pages from a Christmas storybook, turning your home into a festive wonderland.

The “Fawn Deerskin Natural Faux Fur Throws” is sophistication wrapped in warmth, with its faux fur texture promising a gentle caress, akin to a fawn’s soft fur.

“Scandi Woodland Fleece Throw Berry” is a journey to the Scandinavian woods, with its sherpa fleece providing the warmth of a log cabin.

The “Luxe Sherpa Velvet Fleece Throws,” available in teal and natural shades, are an epitome of luxury and warmth. Their velvet fleece texture is like a warm, gentle tide that ebbs and flows over you, providing a soothing comfort.

The “Twelve Days of Christmas Red Fleece Throw” brings the classic carol to life, wrapping you in the festivities of the season.

The tartan charm of the “Blake Tartan Check Fleece Throw Green” is a nod to the classic Scottish heritage, wrapping you in tradition and warmth.

The “Folio Textured Leaf Fleece Throw Ecru” is a poetic expression of nature, with its leaf texture promising a serene, warm escape from the cold outdoors.

Each throw and blanket in this collection is a blend of thoughtful design, plush textures, and warm hues, curated meticulously to ensure that your winter is cosy, comfortable, and chic. The diverse range caters to varying tastes and home décor themes, making it easy to find the perfect throw or blanket to nestle in.