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By CapriceBy Caprice is a renowned brand synonymous with sophistication and luxury, offering an exquisite collection of home textiles that effortlessly transform your living space. Founded by international model and actress Caprice Bourret, the brand is inspired by her passion for fashion and desire to bring a touch of glamour to everyday living.

The By Caprice collection showcases a range of stunning bed linens, curtains, and cushions, all designed with impeccable attention to detail and crafted from premium materials. Each piece embodies an air of elegance and refinement, making it the perfect addition to any home.

The brand's signature style combines opulent textures, sumptuous fabrics, and intricate detailing, resulting in a truly luxurious aesthetic. By Caprice's home textiles are designed to create a captivating atmosphere, allowing you to indulge in the ultimate comfort and sophistication.

Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of tranquillity with the brand's exquisite duvet covers and pillowcases, featuring lavish embellishments and enchanting patterns. Complete the look with coordinating curtains and cushions, designed to effortlessly elevate your space.

By Caprice is committed to delivering exceptional quality and style to homes across the UK. Experience the enchanting allure of By Caprice's elegant and luxurious home textiles collection, and revel in the sophistication it brings to your living space.