Baking Tins and Trays

Bake like a pro with our range of tins and trays.

Whether you're a culinary virtuoso crafting exquisite cakes like Mary Berry or simply whipping up quick and delicious oven creations, one thing's for sure, you need the right baking tools. In any kitchen, baking trays and roasting trays are absolute essentials, and our collection offers a variety of options to cater to your culinary needs.

Our baking trays are designed with convenience in mind. Choose from non-stick options to keep your food from sticking and making a mess or opt for the durability of stainless steel oven trays, which are scratch-resistant and built to last. No matter your preference, you can trust that our baking trays will help you achieve consistent and delectable results. For those aspiring bakers, we have an array of cake baking tins that will inspire your inner pastry chef. From classic rectangle and square cake tins to versatile muffin and loaf tins, our selection comes in various sizes to suit your baking projects. Achieve perfect layer cakes effortlessly with our deep sandwich tins.