With summer upon us, now is the time for outdoor BBQ’s, family gatherings, and nights on the deck.  We love to entertain and create a lovely space for our guests to sit at.   I’m obsessed with the little details of setting a table, regardless if I am inside or outside. 

The whole idea behind a meal with family or friends is one I take very seriously - think of the memorable conversations you may have had in the past that bonded over a meal.   Whether a gathering is large or small makes no difference, and the food may not need to even be that memorable (though it helps!)   The important thing is the people who are there.  


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I want my guests to feel incredibly at ease and comfortable, and I love my table to reflect this.  

The first detail I look for is the table setting itself, and the ease to clean it – that BBQ sauce can get sticky!   PVC tablecloths are a perfect foundation for a table space, as they are easy to wipe off, and fully waterproof to protect your table from those sweaty glasses.   This is truly one of my must-haves of table top decorating.  

PVC tablecloths are available in a variety of patterns and sizes to suit your space.   From classic designs to fun and whimsical patterns, I love stocking up on these for indoor and outdoor use.  From there, I can then start to style with colourful dishes and glasses, fresh flowers, and delightfully bright serving bowls.   The best part is that I don’t have to worry about spills and stains, because my wonderful table cloth will protect and clean up brilliantly.  

When summer weather permits, we also love to take a PVC tablecloth to the park and create a picnic area under a tree.  It protects us from any moisture on the ground, and we can clean up spills quickly to prevent those pesky ants from joining us! 

I like to mix and match my patterns, and I’ve found that the variety offered for these tablecloths allows just that.   I can mix polka dots with checks, or textures with florals.   My obsession with table linens runs deep – I love to set the stage for a well adorned table, especially for summer entertaining.  

I also keep a tablecloth on at all times inside the home.   With smaller children and clumsy friends, the PVC coating gives me a bit of solace knowing that any spills and stains will easily wipe up.  In addition, I love the pulled-together look it creates having the table neatly covered.