Here at Ideal Textiles, we’ve got some new net curtains in stock!

These are already pre-cut and available in two widths; 2 metres wide and 5 metres wide. The net curtains are ready to hang on your net wire or rod. We have four attractive designs in white which are very popular with our customers old and new. The curtains give a fresh look to your room and set get the house ready for summer.

Net curtains are a favourite choice in the summer months as they let natural light flood in to brighten the room but still give that privacy that customers look for. The net curtains can stop people from seeing in from the outside, giving a bit of privacy and reassurance.  The nets can dress the window alone or they can be accompanied with a heavier pair of curtains to stop any light coming in at night time.

As net curtains are much thinner and lighter than normal curtains they can be taken down quickly for easy washing and drying to give that instant fresh feeling. These are ideal for people who may not have the time to wash heavy curtains. They are also known to help hey-fever sufferers by blocking up to 56% of dust and pollen. Net curtains can also stop any unwanted insects from getting into the house, these can also be used on French doors.

A major benefit of net curtains is the price – they give the room a brand new fresh look for a fraction of the price. These can be used as an alternative to blinds making them cost-effective. They also come in a range of designs to give the room a more personal feel rather than just plain.