Many things make up a perfect bathroom but the icing on the cake is the personalised items within the bathroom. These selected designs infuse the room with personality and style as well as taking a simple bathroom to a level of sophistication and brilliance. At Ideal Textiles there is an extensive variety of towels of all types and patterns ready to satisfy your decorative needs. 

Bath Mats 

Bath mats are a necessity in the bathroom, first of all for safety but they also create an opportunity to decorate and personalise the space in a stylish way. These mats help absorb excess water from the bath or shower which prevents slippery floors and lessens the chance of falling and injury and are therefore essential for your bathroom. At Ideal Textiles there is a vast selection of bath mats available in various colours and textures such as this Lisa Microfibre Blue Non Slip 2 Piece Pedestal & Bath Mat Set which would be perfectly suited in a nautical themed bathroom as a classy and sleek addition.

bath mat


Towels deserve to be of good quality for your own use and comfort however they also spend the majority of the day hanging in your bathroom so why not treat yourself to not only a high quality bath towel but a visually appealing one which fits with your bathroom. For example, this Linear Diamond 100% Cotton Bath Sheet Blush Pink creates a Gatsby-like styled bathroom with its geometric, Art Deco pattern which results in an edgy yet stylish addition to your bathroom when not in use. 

bath towel

Towel Bales

Alternatively to individual towels, we have a range of towel bales available such as this So Soft Duck Egg 6 Piece Towel Bale Set which includes 2 face towels, 2 hand towels and 2 bath towels. These sets guarantee a matching towel set in your bathroom for an organised and sophisticated look. This towel bale set in particular is duck egg which blends in with a nautical theme or suits a neutral bathroom colour scheme. 

towel bale